Gujarat based designer Sunaina Varma was acutely aware of the plight of Indian cotton farmers since her teens. As she researched more into the topic, she found that the rate of suicide for cotton farmers in India was one per 30 minutes approximately. Shocked, she slowly made the switch to organic living and fashion, which further fueled her dream of one day launching a sustainable fashion brand which would not only help emancipate the farmers, but also make chic sustainable pieces more accessible to fashion lovers across the globe.

With this vision, she finally launched Ekkdora in 2019, a proud wholly ‘made in India’ label, that practices ethical sourcing, fair trade practices and seeks to deliver high-quality fashion pieces, without ever compromising on style or comfort.

Sunaina Varma - Founder and Designer

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We at Ekkodora believe in maintaining a high degree of purity, only choosing the best, organic cottons for our pieces. Our all-natural approach ensures that the pieces you shop are free of chemicals, bleaches and toxic waxes. Authenticity and transparency is at our core, allowing the Ekkdora woman to embrace her true self. We strive to remain thoughtful and make an impact- whether towards the well-being of our farmer, weaver and artisan partners, or just towards the general satisfaction of our beloved customers.

However, beyond all, at the heart of our business are our relationships, we travelled the length and breadth of India, collaborating with suppliers to curate the most high-quality collections possible. We are dedicated to serving our customers in a holistic way- We’re here to help, be it style advice, thread count on products or simply tips on making a gradual shift to conscious fashion.



We have partnered with the best suppliers across India to bring to you the most organic cottons, soft linens and comfortable khadis. Our high-quality, natural and non-toxic fabrics not only contribute to making your wardrobe more earth-conscious, but also ensure ease and long-lasting comfort across seasons, for many years to come!



As a conscious, all-natural fashion brand, the well-being of our planet Earth always remains at the core of Ekkdora’s design philosophy. Easy yet aware, simple yet meaningful- our designs aim to reflect our ideology and appeal to the modern, conscious consumer.

Studio Press


We believe that our space should reflect our principles- and thus we have carefully designed our studios to embody Ekkdora’s natural and simple essence. Fusing elements of culture, music and design, we ensure that a visit to the Ekkdora studio is a wholesome, unique experience in itself, calming and tender, just like Ekkdora’s lovingly made products. Make an appointment to visit, or simply drop by to say hello- we are always happy to receive you!